The sediment of Ghislaine Maxwell, accused in the Epstein case, was formed Madam. In an attempt

The sediment of Ghislaine Maxwell, accused in the Epstein case, was formed

    Madam.  In an attempt to keep the deposit a secret, Maxwell has repeatedly denied that Jeffrey Epstein helped young girls find work, get married, and sexually exploit them.

    Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in July and accused Jeffrey Epstein of helping rape many teenage girls.  Credit ... Johannes Eisele / Agence France-Presse - Getty Images
    By Benjamin Weiser, Amy Julia Harris and Alan Feuer
    [Journalists from The New York Times are now reading the sediment.  This message will be updated.]
    Ghislaine Maxwell is a central but silent figure in the long-running scandal that Jeffrey Epstein raped young girls for years.
    Mrs Maxwell’s voice was first heard on Thursday after the release of a four-year deposit in response to the noise of allegations against Mr Maxwell.  Epstein: a series of deviations and denials.
    Stubborn and ruthless, Ms. Maxwell, in a 465-page document, denied an almost illegal allegation, denying that Mr. Epstein had hired dozens of young women and teenage girls to help, marry, and sexually exploit them.
    He was asked 10 times in a row if he thought Mr. Epstein had raped a child, and he asked the question every time.
    He also denied having any sexual intercourse.
    "I've just testified," he said, "I've never, nowhere, nowhere, I've never had unprotected sex with anyone."
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    Madam.  Maxwell, Mr.  Epstein became the center of a federal investigation into sex trafficking after committing suicide in prison last year.  The Manhattan federal prosecutor accused him of plotting with the gentleman.  The financial Epstein is being exploited against minors.  Because he is the closest to the collaboration, he is believed to have extensive knowledge of himself and others who may be related to him. 

    His fall left him unanswered the question of who he might be: there were almost all the names inside - except for him and the gentlemen.  Epstein - edited.

    Ms. Maxwell's attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The daughter of a publishing mogul and the only matchmaker on the New York social scene, Ms. Maxwell struggled for months to keep her two beds hidden in a 2015 civil lawsuit filed by herself and one of her defendants.  z.  Epstein argued that they were in personal data.  On Monday, a federal appeals court in Manhattan upheld the lower court's decision to release one of them.  The collapse was canceled on Thursday morning after a number of actions by lawyers.