Joe Biden “straight ball,”

 Biden said he will receive suggestions from investigators when he is under pressure to take a stand on court vessels.

   Joe Biden and his grandson Finnegan Biden arrived at the Durham campaign point on Monday.  Credit ... Ruth Fremson / New York Times. 

    Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has refused to clarify his position on the Supreme Court's expansion for several weeks, said in an interview that if elected, he would create a bipartisan commission of inquiry.  the possibility of a wider trial.

    “I will ask him to stay with me for more than 180 days, giving advice on judicial reform, because he is recovering from an accident,” Democratic candidate Norah O’Donnell told CBS News on Sunday.  depending on the part of the conversation.

    "Administrative rules and courts have nothing to do with packaging, there are many other things that have been discussed by our constitutional scholars, and I have tried to find out what recommendations the committee will make."

    Mr. Biden, a former Delaware presidential aide and former U.S. senator for decades, has previously spoken out against the Supreme Court’s expansion.

    But Biden does not want to take a stand on the fight that Judge Amy Coney Barrett has nominated for President Trump before his election, and some Democrats have called on them to extend the trial against the last-minute rise in conservative justice.  The court admitted earlier this month that he was not a “fan” of the vessels, it was clear.

    However, he said he would inform voters before election day last week.

    He admitted that he could not continue to deviate completely from the subject.  In the past, he only said that taking a stand would feed the opponent, even if the second answer leaves unanswered questions about his personal position.

    The problem is likely to appear in the current presidential debate.

    "The last thing we need to do is turn the Supreme Court into political football. Whoever gets the most votes gets what they want," Biden said.  "The presidents come and go. The judges of the Supreme Court have been there for generations."

    He said the issue is “straight ball,” and said there are plenty of alternatives that “go beyond packaging”Baby products.