The story of the families who have lost their relatives is a heartwarming one.

  In America, the threat of the epidemic is gradually decreasing, so the story of the families who have lost their relatives are  heartwarming one. In the month of April, the wrestler couple was invited to attend the wedding, but Mrs. Wrestler attended the wedding. Her husband could not attend this marriage due to being busy in his work.  For this reason, according to the rules of marriage, all those attending the wedding were vaccinated.  Because of this, his husband could not get vaccinated. There have been so many of you in a developed country like America, in which people busy for their work that they did not vaccinate because of this or did not vaccinate for fear of being vaccinated.  because of this his death.            There are still more than 500 deaths in the United States of America every day due to Covid-19.           Figures from the United States of America say that 40% of people have been given two doses of the vaccine.  The remaining 50% people have taken one dose

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