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  U.S. authorities have warned that Iran and Russia have tried to influence the election in recent days     Officials said they were behind the threatening and fake emails sent to voters, but there was no indication that the vote itself had changed.     Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has warned of attempts by foreign opposition to influence the election.  Credit ... Photo of Gabriella Demczuk by the pool     By Julian E. Barnes and David E. Sanger     WASHINGTON - Iran and Russia both received U.S. voter registration data, as senior national security officials announced Tuesday that the two countries had provided the first specific evidence they were trying to influence in the presidential election.  in the last two weeks.     Iran used the information to send threatening and fake messages to voters.  John Ratcliffe Director of National Intelligence and F.B.I.  Director Christopher A. Wray, in an afternoon announcement from the office headquarters.  Intelligence a

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